Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gold Camp Road

Watch a virtual tour of Gold Camp Rd. views

     Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs was opened in the 1920's for automobile use. Prior to that it was part of the railway system. It is filled with stunning views that make it well worth the drive. There are pull off spots great for getting out to hike around or take great pictures. One of the best hiking spots along the way can be found by the parking lot right where Gold Camp Road meets Cheyenne Canyon Road. The spot you are looking for is called Seven Bridges Trail. The trail follows along North Cheyenne Creek making it the perfect easy hiking spot on a hot day to stay cool.

there is only room for on car at a time.

     Should you decided to follow Seven Bridges Trail far enough you will reach the fenced tunnel. The tunnel is believed to be haunted for a couple of reasons. The third tunnel is said to have collapsed when a school bus crashed into it. The tunnel was never repaired. The lives of the children and the bus driver were all lost that day. It is believed their ghosts haunt the third tunnel. Lives were also lost during the creation of the tunnels. It is believed their spirits still roam the tunnel. Mostly this is believed to be urban legend, though some swear it to be fact. Good stuff if you are into a good ghost story. Aside from the ghost stories it is a lovely hike.

in Colorado Springs Colorado

     Silver Cascade Falls is on the other side of the tunnel. It can be reached by taking the detour that allows you to bypass the tunnel. Once you make it this far you can continue on or just stop and enjoy the fabulous views of the waterfall and the city.

view from Gold Camp Rd.

     If you choose to skip the hike because it's just not your thing you will find the drive on Cheyenne Canyon Road to be just as wonderful. As you drive Cheyenne Canyon Road you will reach Helen Hunt Falls. You can enjoy the view from the car. I would recommend getting out and stretching your legs. Go up the steps just passed the gift shop. At the top of the steps, (before the trail begins) is a perfect spot for pictures. There are several spots to picnic as you continue down the road after leaving Helen Hunt Falls.

     This is a great road trip to take by yourself to get in touch with mother nature. Its a bonding moment trip  for the kids or visiting family members when you are in need of a cost free activity. No matter the reason you choose to go the views are amazing and the roads just a bit scary enough to make it fun with a touch of excitement.

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