Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Monument Valley Park in Colorado Springs

Take a short video walk through the park.

     Colorado Springs is filled with parks. Monument Valley Park is one of my favorites for long walks. Its located in the Old North End of Colorado Springs. It is full of paths to give you variety. Stunning trees that flower in June bringing a wonderful aroma to the forest like atmosphere on some of the inner trails.

The Best long walk in Colorado Springs.

     The park is filled with friendly people that don't mind saying hi and waving as you walk by. There plenty of joggers as well as people on bikes. As you stroll through the park they will let you know they are coming so you don't get ran over. The park is dog friendly as long as you keep your best friend on a leash.

What a cute brave bird

      If you do decide to walk the outer trail Monument Creek runs below the trail. Monument Creek runs at a decent pace when there has not been very heavy rains. When we have heavy rains or long periods of rain it can get deep and run rapidly. The creek makes the walk quite enjoyable.

The creek that runs along Monument Valley Park

     The park has a couple of play areas for the kids. The park offers a place to play Tennis and Pickle ball if you need a place to practice up on your skills. The demonstration gardens located in the park offer a nice sanctuary. The park runs from Monroe to Bijou. The Demonstration Garden are located in about the center of the park on Mesa Rd. Just a small walk away on Glen Ave., you will also find the beautiful Heritage Garden. There is a pond between the gardens that has ducks and geese leisurely swimming around. It will be well worth the steps to stop and enjoy both gardens.


     Monument Valley Park is part of the National Register of Historic Places. We shall have it to enjoy for many generations to come.

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